woven pads rool-friction plate Tehran gearbox
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woven pads rool

Woven pads or the so-called Fordow to work in the oil and heat , wear and durability is designed The winch brake pads are commonly used for offshore oil wells and cart and also used heavy lifts
 لنت ترمزدرام غلطک دستگاه کاغذ سازی

Brake drum to keep track rollers for paper-making machines

لنت کلاف فردو

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انواع لنت کلاف بافته شده

WOVEN LINING W001 (Part number :001 )

tehran gearbox first producer of woven lining in iran
لنت بافته شده

woven lining ferodo W002 (Part number :002 )

woven lining ferodo that produced by tehran gearbox
لنت کلاف سیم دار

woven brake lining with wire

لنت کلاف با سیم برنج

woven brake lining

لنت کلاف کفشک خودرو TRIMAT

Rollers Brake Friction