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تلگرام تهران گیربکس
صفحه فلزی و گرافیتی تهران گیربکس

Gostar Abzar is a distributor of All lifting Equipment
Steel wire rope and chain
Electric and Manual hoist
Chain and wire rope accessories

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صفحه جات کشتی و هواپیما
انواع لنت فردو راهسازی
انواع صفحه گرافیتی کشتی و قایق

Tehran Gearbox Co. with more than 28 years' experience in manufacturing, importing and distribution of Friction plates, Graphite and metal plates, brake pad and clutch facing of construction machinery, marine machinery and vessels, batching plant, excavating and all kinds of machineries, is ready to offer high quality products and after market services to organizations.
This company is the leading manufacturer of more than 3000 different types of metal and graphite fraction plates in Iran for marine vessels, boats, freighters and industrial gearboxes.
Manufacturer of dry, wet and graphite friction plates, clutch facing and break pads for mining and construction machinery.

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