industrial brake clutch-friction plate Tehran gearbox
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brake clutch

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clutch pad industrial

لنت کلاچ صنعتی

Industrial clutch linings

لنت کلاچ صنعتی

Industrial clutch linings

ndustrial clutch linings Manufacturer of industrial linings clutch And brake Our products are divided into two categories 1-clutch with working in a dry place 2-clutches with the operation of the oil We will prove to you that the quality is not accidental Brake Industrial Vklach in Tehran Transmission
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Brake Expellers

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clutch pads industrial

Impact clutch clutch padsProducer of industrial linings in Iran
لنت صنعتی کلاچ

industrial clutch pads

لنت کلاچ ماشین آلات صنعتی

industrial clutch pad

industrial clutch pad
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