Gear Pad-friction plate Tehran gearbox
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لنت صنعتی ترمز وکلاج

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brake pad teeth vowen

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brake pad teeth

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Gear friction pads

Gear shoes with high friction level suitable for power transmission and rubbing the pads are durable against corrosion These pads are usually in industrial factories of petrochemical and oil pipes More used Vchapkhanh Tehran Transmission Emporium Lnmt brake and clutch friction and industries in Iran
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tooth brake

tooth brake
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excavator teeth brake w0236-th (Part number :0023A65 )

excavator teeth brake pads that made by tehrangearbox
لنت 59دنده دریایی

marine brake teeth

marine brake teeth with 59 teeth that made by tehrangearbox
صفحه لنت 51 دنده حفاری

Drilling teeth brake

لنت 75دنده قیچی پره ای

75 teeth brake for Fly shear

75 teeth brake for Fly shear