brake pads press -friction plate Tehran gearbox
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Brake pads press

Brake pads press
لنت ضربه ای پرس

brake pads press

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clutch pads press

لنت پرس ضربه ای

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لنت ترمز پرس

لنت ترمز و کلاچ پرس

Brake pads and clutch presses Impact presses - Erfurt presses - Hitachi forging presses - With a dedicated and experienced workforce, it has been able to offer more than 200 brake press brake pads in its storehouse. These linings are manufactured and imported with three major brands of Turkey-Albania and Iran In Tehran, the gearbox has been the priority of all personnel and has produced and presented its highest quality lining. Pressing tape is covered with the hardest minerals and industrial Manufacture and sale of all clutch and brake presses in Iran Representative of Trimate Laminating Plant in Iran Exclusive representative of Khawrkah Shifer and Luke Alman in Iran
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press brake

press brake\r\ntehran gearbox