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bronze friction plate

Bronze plate friction to transfer power Page friction coefficient of friction and rubbing Balabhtryn is responsible for power transmission Brnzastkaky page performance with the high coefficient of friction within the oil dry abrasion and corrosion resistant too. Its function is more on the clutch and brake Tehran gearbox the first importer friction Pages has over 3600 models
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friction bronze plate

Bronze friction plate with the ability to function within its high friction surface oil can also work dry gearbox and wheels Tehran Transmission Import and manufacture brake pads and clutch plate friction
صفحه برنزی گیربکس زد اف 180-200

Z.f friction Bronze 180-200

Bronze sintered bronze friction plate icing spray suitable for operation in high friction and low wear gearbox oil level 0750 140 010 Technical Vshmarh BRONZE SUNBURST 35 EXT TH 177.5 x 109.0 x 2.0 This page has 35 bronze gears from the outside and with the size Tehran Transmission import and production Page friction Bern Open in Google Translate Feedback مترجم Google
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bronze friction plate

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friction beloked

صفحه برنزی گیربکس زد اف

Friction plate bronze

z.f friction plate bronze
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صفحه برنزی گیربکس HE100BL

gearbox HE100BL

gearbox HE100BL
صفحه برنزی گیربکس لیفتراک

lifterak bronze plate

lifterak bronze plate
صفحه برنزی گیربکس لیفتراک سهند

Bronze Plate lifterak

Bronze Plate lifterak
صفحه برنزی گیربکس لیفتراک سهندsd

SD sahand graphite plate

SD sahand graphite plate
صفحه گیربکس برنزی نیوهلند

new holland bronze plate

new holland bronze plate
صفحه برنزی گیربکس کلارک 36000

clark bronze plate

clark bronze plate use in Reach stacker
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Bronze Sintered Friction Discs FM1705 (Part number :81802479 )

Bronze Friction Plate is ideal for applications in the fields of Mining, Off Highway and Agriculture. Primarily suited for Atlas, Bray, Ford, Leyland, Girling, New Holland, Caterpillar, Vapormatic, Wagner and Manitou applications.
صفحه برنزی گیربکس کاوازاکی 70

kawasaki 70 friction bronze plate FM3525 (Part number :37213-20330 )

صفحه برنزی گیربکس زداف

bronze disc for ZF gearbox FM4033 (Part number :GB4033 )

صفحه برنزی گیربکس های نظامی

bronze friction disc FM2279 (Part number :1390854 )

صفحه برنزی گیربکس

Friction disck bronze fm3711

Tehran Gearbox Import and production of all gearbox wheels and steering machines of Komatsu Caterpillar road construction machinery Hyundai Liebherr Doosan New Holland Fiat Ellis Center of disc and friction clutch plates of all forklifts and cranes for occasional and industrial work First
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صفحه برنزی گیربکس بیل بکهو

Backhoe Excavator Friction Disc FM3931 (Part number :AR87422 )

Backhoe Excavator Friction Disc that made by tehrangearbox
صفحه برنزی گیربکس لودر L120

Volvo L120 friction disc 11037196 (Part number :FM3091 )

صفحه برنزی گیربکس رنجرز

Rangers Gearbox Friction Plate

Rangers Gearbox Friction Plate